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Friday, February 1, 2013

Asset Protection Strategies in the USA

In today's business world, you need cutting-edge asset protection strategies that are designed to minimize costs, confuse creditors, and keep attorneys away from your assets. And these creative asset protection strategies should not involve off-shore strategies or overly aggressive plans, which are targeted by the IRS as abusive.

You definitely do not want to suffer the loss of assets through litigation and a well-structured asset protection plan will ensure that you avoid that situation.

In order to accomplish this, your plan should do the following three things:

1. Deter litigation by convincing the plaintiff and their attorney that even if their argument appears to be a slam dunk win, the prospect of not receiving an immediate recovery makes bringing the suit not worth the effort.

2. Convince them to accept something now, or nothing later. What this implies is that even if they win, they lose because your assets are beyond their reach.  This acts as an incentive for them to seek a quick and inexpensive settlement. 

3. Make your opponent realize that the expense of bringing the suit without a guaranteed win, will break his bank.

We work with Medical Professionals, Real Estate Investors, other investors, and anyone concerned about keeping their assets safe from the litigious environment in which we now have to deal with. We utilize entities such as Limited Liability Companies, Land Trusts, Corporations and Limited Partnerships, along with various other tools to help you retain your money and avoid losses.

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